About VHD

VHD specialises in assistance services in case of incidents in the Netherlands and abroad, offering advice, or providing customer contact. And we do this on behalf of numerous organisations. Customers can reach us 24/7, not just in case of emergency, but also for everyday situations. 

VHD has been offering worldwide assistance services in urgent and everyday situations for over 50 years. Our extensive experience has laid the foundation for what our company has grown into today: an all-round partner that provides and coordinates assistance services worldwide. We offer mobility services, medical assistance, travel assistance, repair and maintenance services, and customer contact. And our sole focus is providing the best possible assistance, no matter what the request is. 


With our mobility services, the rider will be on the road again in no time. Our team of helpers is on standby for help and advice regarding breakdown and damage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both in the Netherlands and abroad. They all share the same goal: offering rapid and professional help, with special attention for the vehicle and specifically for the driver and passengers. Thanks to our extensive network of emergency services in the Netherlands and abroad, we can guarantee rapid and high-quality assistance at low cost. 


VHD offers a wide range of medical services. A traveller or expat who falls ill in a foreign country or is involved in an accident. Or closer to home, if there’s a need for professional follow-up of a medical request. VHD offers a solution in both cases. 

We have our own medical team. This team includes care providers, doctors, and nurses. This means that we always have the right expertise in-house to properly assess every medical request. Our doctors and nurses with a college education all have a certificate of current professional status and are – among others – specialised in: cardiology, tropical diseases, psychiatry, vaccinations, and medical repatriation.

Customer care

VHD offers different customer contact services to allow organisations to conduct customer contact in the most optimum way, by phone, e-mail, chat, and social media. We do this for numerous organisations in the automotive, insurance, and medical care industries. From taking care of simple telephone accessibility to full-service customer contact solutions; we can talk to and assist your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


VHD offers a complete solution for repairs and technical maintenance of buildings, businesses, stores, and houses. We can take care of all damages, maintenance, and offer general and technical support services. All these services will be provided rapidly, professionally and at competitive rates. And they will be provided by the best partner.

Worldwide network

VHD has a large Dutch and
global network

VHD has a large Dutch and global network. We can use this network to offer our customers rapid medical, travel, or mobility assistance. Without the interference of a third party, which means that we can help our customers fast and at low cost. 


We are proud to offer assistance services in stressful situations. That is why it is our mission to be at the disposal of our customers. Wherever they are, whenever they need it. 24/7 and worldwide. We want to offer our customers the best assistance possible and provide them with a solution that works for them. We want to add value for our clients, and offer our employees a rewarding job. We want to create sustainable relationships with our suppliers and work with great regard for the world around us.


We envision a future in which disruption will have an ever-greater impact on daily life. We want our customers to live their lives the way they want, because they know we will be there when they need us. They know we are the best care and mobility service provider in the Netherlands. And by using a smart international network and the latest technologies, we can do this as efficiently as possible.

Number of employees
People worldwide

ERA Automotive

VHD is associated with European Roadservice Alliance (ERA), which is a collaboration between Falck Assistance Nordic, RAC UK, Europ Assistance, and VHD. ERA’s mission is to combine knowledge, expertise, and experience, in order to create an unparalleled offer for parties that require advanced mobility services throughout Europe. 


VHD is a 9+ organisation. This means that we always strive for a 9+ experience for our customers. In order to do this, we don’t just listen to what people say, we also try to hear what they feel.

We invest a lot in getting to that 9+. Our employees are trained and coached to focus on 9+ all the time. This helps us recognise opportunities to make a difference, to go that extra mile, without the customer having to ask for it. That is how we can give them a 9+ experience. 


Focus on

We have a number of certifications that ensure our clients of the quality of services we provide to their customers.